If the primary objective of your innovation is to improve gender equality, then your application may be considered for funding under our Innovating for Gender Equality Fund.

The Innovating for Gender Equality Fund is focussed on innovations which showcase new ways of achieving gender equality outcomes at scale for people living in poverty. Achieving Gender Equality requires increased agency of women and girls at the individual, household, community and societal levels. Our Gender Equality Framework positions all people as protagonists in their own stories and shows how improving agency is the process of increasing control over Body, Voice and Assets. GIF investments will be used to prove out critical assumptions, generate evidence of impact and put in place more of the conditions required for the most impactful approaches to drive outcomes at scale.

GIF’s investment criteria apply to those innovations explored under the Innovating for Gender Equality Fund, and the application and due diligence process remains the same. To be eligible for investment from the Innovating for Gender Equality Fund an innovation must be “gender transformative,” in that it tackles the root causes of gender inequality, strengthens the agency of women and girls, and influences gender norms and power dynamics at an individual, community or societal level. For more information on how GIF determines whether an innovation is gender transformative please see the criteria outlined in our Gender Marker.

In the event that your application is considered for funding, our due diligence processes will explore with you critical questions on:

  1. The gender analysis which has informed your approach.

  2. The specific risks which may emerge from challenging gender norms, and your strategies to mitigate them.

  3. Your approach to collecting gender data and measuring gender outcomes.

  4. Your organisation’s approach to gender diversity, particularly with regards to your board, leadership, policies, and delivery models.

The Gender Equity Innovations Evidence Toolkit offers further guidance on how to demonstrate that Gender Equality is Improved through your innovation.