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The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) invests in entrepreneurs and innovators with the potential to improve the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people. Through grants, loans and equity investments, GIF’s portfolio of innovations has the potential for outsized social impact, whether through new technologies, business models, policy practices or behavioural insights.

We want to see a world in which people everywhere are living in inclusive, sustainable and dynamic economies and societies. Innovations in our portfolio are expected to benefit more than 156 million people by 2033.

Creating a team which lives our values

To deliver our mission, we need a diverse and multi-talented team. We seek out strategic thinkers who are evidence-driven, compassionate, courageous and curious.

Our team brings together investment expertise, understanding of economic concepts and analytical frameworks, experience from living and working in developing countries and knowledge of complex development problems and their contexts. We operate with integrity and humility. We value diversity of background, experience, and thought.

  • We are compassionate – because we seek to deeply understand the perspectives of people touched by GIF investments. To succeed, we must be motivated by a desire to serve and to help. We believe compassion and empathy towards colleagues supports vulnerability, risk taking, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • We are courageous – because we are bold but thoughtful in the way we take risks to deliver our mission. We are not afraid to try new things even if success is not guaranteed. We take smart risks. We have the courage to challenge conventional thinking and reject the latest fad. We accept responsibility when mistakes are made.
  • We are curious – because GIF is quintessentially a learning institution. We strive to understand what works and what doesn’t. We make connections across seemingly disparate areas of knowledge. We are open to new ideas and have a healthy scepticism towards old ones. We question our beliefs and revise them in light of new knowledge.
  • We are accountable – to our funders and to the entrepreneurs we invest in. We are responsible for the good stewardship of funds, open communications, and strategic and forward-looking partnering. We demonstrate transparency within the fund and externally.

GIF is an equal opportunities employer. We offer employees benefit packages commensurate with the markets in which we operate and GIF’s status as a registered charity.


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