GIF is open to innovations which meet our criteria in any sector or country. However, there are some activities we do not fund. These include:


Theoretical research, or purely lab-based activities that are not linked to implementation of a specific proposed real-world pilot or demonstration project.


Approaches that are only applicable in a single country (unless the innovation is expected to scale to a large proportion of one of the world’s most populous developing countries).


Innovations that involve supporting a political candidate or party.


Innovations where the primary purpose is to support the broader innovation ecosystem, such as incubators, accelerators, or other innovation funds.


Innovations involving any product or activity deemed illegal under applicable laws or regulations or subject to internationally agreed phase-outs or bans as defined in global conventions and agreements (such as dealing with certain hazardous chemicals or ozone depleting substances, and any activity endangering protected wildlife).


Innovations that involve production or use of luxury goods, soliciting prostitution or engaging in human trafficking, terrorist activity, or use of prohibited drugs, gambling and pornography.

We also abide by robust environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG) standards, against which we evaluate every potential innovation we fund.

Accepted innovations will be subject to these continuing standards, including adherence to our Code of Conduct and ESG Policy, including safeguarding requirements.