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James Clark.

Board Chair

James R. Clark is Co-Founder of Cabot Square Capital, a London-based private equity firm providing growth capital to small and start-up businesses in the UK and western Europe. James began his professional career at Lehman Brothers in 1980 in the mergers and acquisitions department, before joining the nascent mortgage-backed securities department in 1983, and was subsequently asked to move to Tokyo to help create a non-Yen credit trading business. 

During the US savings and loan crisis in the late 1980s, James returned to New York to assist in acquiring and distributing distressed and structured assets for the bank. In 1992, he relocated to London to create a structured finance and principal investing business for the firm. In 1996, James co-founded Cabot Square Capital. Investing on behalf of a wide range of institutional investors including charitable foundations, university endowments and pension funds, Cabot Square Capital has supported over 25 businesses through the provision of growth equity capital and organisation development strategies. In addition to his roles at Cabot Square, James pursues numerous philanthropic and service-related activities.