Joseph Ssentongo Image

Joseph Ssentongo.

Acting CEO

Joseph Ssentongo holds the overarching responsibility for GIF’s mission: identifying and funding innovations capable of transforming the lives of people living on less than $5 a day. Prior to being appointed Acting CEO he served in various executive capacities, including as GIF’s Chief Operating Officer, where he oversaw strategic alignment across all organisational teams and functions. He also held the position of Senior Vice President for Impact, managing the work of the Grants, Analytics, and Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Governance (ESG) teams.

Prior to GIF, Joseph worked at the nexus of public-private sector collaboration with the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), where he led the evaluation of over 30 e-government initiatives across 15 African countries. He has also worked in the Gender division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Joseph holds a Masters in Public Policy.