Introducing our 2022 Impact Report.

By Alix Peterson Zwane

Apr 02, 2023

I am delighted to launch the Global Innovation Fund’s 2022 impact report detailing the progress made to advance GIF’s mission of accelerating innovation to improve the lives of the world’s poorest people.

Through grants, loans and equity investments, GIF’s portfolio of innovations has the potential for outsized social impact whether through new technologies, policies, business models, or behavioural insights. This year, GIF invested in innovations to address challenges ranging from child marriage, to building resilience in supply chains, and improving girls’ agency and wellbeing.

To date we have committed $112 million to 61 Innovations, with a footprint in 36 low-and-middle income countries. Innovations in our portfolio are expected to benefit 143m people by 2032. Five of our earliest investments have already created $1.68bn of net social value, of which $582m is attributable to GIF.

GIF’s creative approach to financing addresses the large, unmet demand for blended, risk-taking capital in fragile places. It also makes our portfolio more investible. Our investments have attracted $7.50 in capital for every dollar GIF has invested. This includes the vital private sector capital required to deliver against the SDGs.

In 2022 we announced the first innovations to receive investment from our Innovating for Climate Resilience Fund, anchor-funded by FCDO in the UK and now with additional support from Sweden’s government agency for development cooperation, helping us invest in innovations across the developing world focused on climate adaptation and resilience.

We also opened a new Singapore office to grow and service our investment portfolio in the Indo-Pacific. We intend to play a bigger role in driving innovation at scale for underserved populations in the region, and to continue our strategic partnerships with local innovators, investors and governments.

GIF works with forward-thinking government development agencies, as well as corporate and philanthropic funders, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of them for their continued guidance and commitment to scale innovation. I hope you enjoy reading the full details of GIF’s impact, progress, and achievements throughout 2022.