Africa, Latin America​, Southeast Europe​ and Asia



Type of Investment

Risk Capital

Project Stage


Length of Investment

2017- 2023

Investment Overview

WhereIsMyTransport used mobility and location data in emerging market cities to create datasets. These were sold to governments and mobility companies to make​ mass transportation in emerging market cities more accessible, efficient and safer for poorer people.


The Development Challenge

Poor mass transit is a significant problem that disproportionately affects those living on less than $5 a day. Poorer people typically spend a large portion of their income on transport, whilst some cannot afford motorised transport at all. In addition to time saving benefits, there are safety benefits from reducing unpredictable wait times at mass transit stops, such as lowering the chances of assault. Data is a critical component of effective transport planning, but there is currently a lack of informal transit data. This has hindered municipality, operator and commuter mobility in urban environments.


The Innovation

WhereIsMyTransport aspired to be a central source of mobility and location data for emerging markets. Its data helped clients in the public and private sector make informed investment decisions in emerging markets, and their public transport app improved commutes for people who rely on public transport. As a result, m​ass transportation became more accessible, efficient, reliable and safe​r​.


Our Investment

GIF invested a total of $1.1m in WhereIsMyTransport’s seed round and its Series A. GIF’s investment helped WhereIsMyTransport provide information to improve informal transport journey planning and assisted local governments in managing mass transit systems.


Why we invested

WhereIsMyTransport addressed a key barrier to inclusive urban growth, helping to tack lost productivity and the impact this problem has upon the global poor who are reliant on informal transport routes.

Highly scalable model whereby cities can be mapped faster and at a lower cost relative to other solutions.


WhereIsMyTransport in numbers

Over 50

Cities mapped


Major cities launched