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Investment Overview

Impact(Ed) aims to improve girls' self-efficacy, agency and wellbeing through their Emmy Award-winning edutainment series, My Better World (MBW). MBW forms the core of a school-based life skills education and mentorship model, involving learners aged 10 to 15, engaging girls, boys, teachers, parents, and communities to empower girls.


The Development Challenge

In the developing world, women and girls face severe limitations on their ability to exercise agency in important life domains including education, work, and personal choices. Life skills are critical for girls to help them navigate such challenges, especially during adolescence when gender disparities intensify. Despite recognising the importance of life skills, consensus is lacking on how to design, deliver, and measure effective and empowering life skills education. Common shortcomings include limited scalability and overlooking social change needed for girls' agency beyond the classroom.


The Innovation

Impact(ed) aims to improve girls' self-efficacy, agency, and wellbeing through its flagship 'edutainment' series, My Better World, central to a gender focused life skills education and mentorship model with parent and community involvement. The Emmy award winning series addresses vital skills and attitude, and aligns with Kenya’s competency based curriculum and the Mentorship Policy. The model will reach 55,000 students in 110 schools over two years. This includes: (1) training of teacher mentors to convene in school clubs for girls and boys that foster girls’ self-efficacy and aspirations as well as boys’ allyship, (2) engaging parents, community and school leaders through a community action planning process and community screenings to create an enabling environment in support of girls’ agency, and (3) utilising government’s Edu-Channel to support wider norms shift and help with home learning.


Our Investment

GIF provided a $2million test and transition grant to Impact(Ed) intended to deliver the model to 55,000 students across 110 schools by 2024 through co-implementation with the government. This includes systematically evaluating different components and delivery approaches to establish a standardised, well documented innovation package.


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Innovating for Gender Equality

Impact(Ed) International’s flagship ‘edu-tainment’ series, My Better World, follows six African teens as they navigate the complex challenges of school, family, and friendship. It is a unique tool included in Impact(Ed)’s life skills education and mentorship model, delivered to school children aged 10-15, which includes engagement of boys, parents and communities to enable an environment for girls to exercise agency and develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. With GIF's grant of $2 million, a standardised, well-documented innovation package that is impactful, feasible using government infrastructure for delivery and cost-effective for the government to implement will be established. Under the grant, Impact(Ed) will seek to integrate this model in government policy implementation in Kenya.