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  • LocationIndia
  • SectorEducation
  • Type of investmentEquity investment
  • Project stageTest & Transition

An early childhood education organisation reaching low-income children in India, to help the company expand its operations, particularly to the Affordable Private Schools segment, improve and make its curriculum product more affordable, and better enable ease of access.

Based in India, Chrysalis has adopted an activity-based learning program keeping children and their development outcomes at the core of its work. Chrysalis focuses on four domains – cognitive, social, emotional and metacognitive learning, taking a holistic approach to learning.


The development problem.

Public schooling for young children is not widely provisioned in India, and this has driven the development of low-cost Affordable Private Schools” where low-income families can send their children for a small fee. The infrastructure for these affordable private schools is deeply fragmented and informal, resulting in limited standardization and overall poor quality of service delivered. The curriculum is often ill-suited and not conducive to learning for such young children, impeding their cognitive and emotional development and failing to equip them with the essential skills to go on and thrive in their education.

The innovation.

Chrysalis has developed age-appropriate, activity-based-learning that provides consistency and quality across Affordable Private Schools to overcome the growing learning crisis in developing countries.

GIF's investment.

Chrysalis will use GIF investment to:

Expand their operations, continue to develop their product offering for affordable private schools, for example through increased digitisation and continue to refine their teacher development and school training initiative.

Investment objective(s).

Chrysalis takes its activity-based learning program to affordable private schools(APS) in India and improves the classroom learning environment, teacher and management capacity and ultimately learning outcomes for students in the pre-primary and primary grades.

Why we invested

The main channel of impact on GIF target beneficiaries is through the increased quality of affordable early childhood education, benefitting the children of low-income families. However, we also take a broader view, that by formalising and making the market for education service providers to serve the lower end of the market (Affordable Private Schools), that over the long-term GIF can unlock additional investment in the industry.

Click here to read Chrysalis’ Impact Brief.

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