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Investment Overview

Agritask's platform enhances decision making in agricultural supply chains, offering insights for food and beverage companies and enabling insurers to create policies for farmers, thus facilitating their first time access to agricultural insurance.


The Development Challenge

Smallholder farmers face numerous development challenges that limit their productivity and sustainability. These include limited access to markets, where logistical difficulties and lack of infrastructure hinder their ability to sell produce at fair prices. Financial constraints are also significant, with limited access to credit and insurance products making it difficult to invest in improvements or recover from losses. Climate change exacerbates these issues, introducing unpredictable weather patterns and increasing the incidence of pests and diseases. Additionally, inadequate access to quality seeds, fertilisers, and modern farming techniques limits yield potential.


The Innovation

Agritask offers a versatile software solution for food and beverage companies and insurers, enhancing supply chain visibility and decision making for building resilient, sustainable systems. It bridges the gap between companies and smallholder farmers in low income markets by facilitating regenerative agriculture and sustainable sourcing through scalable agronomic guidance and precision agriculture tool integration. Agritask also supports sustainability programs and certifications, potentially leading to premium pricing for farmers. For agricultural insurers, the platform employs geospatial risk analysis to improve underwriting, monitoring, claims management, and damage assessment, addressing the challenges in emerging markets caused by data gaps and costly monitoring. It enables detailed risk profiling and efficient remote monitoring, simplifying claims management.


Our Investment

GIF participated in Agritask’s Series B round, contributing $3 million through an equity investment. GIF’s investment will deepen operations in Agritask’s growth markets (Africa and Southeast Asia) and support the development of its platform and proprietary content which will leverage big data for market insights, expand its business development function, and build out on the ground partnerships.


Theory of Change

Although smallholder farmers are not the direct clients of Agritask, the products that meet the needs of the food and beverage companies are designed around farmers. Farmers benefit through increased agricultural productivity and optimisation of resource use, improved small farm profitability and financial resilience, increased product traceability, increased access to contract farming and improved contract arrangements through certification programmes. For Agritask’s insurance platform, farmers can access insurance products, which can reduce farmer risk aversion and encourage them to invest in new practices and technologies on their farms, driving yield improvements season on season. Plus, when disaster strikes, an insurance payout can help prevent farmers adopting negative coping strategies, such as reducing food intake and removing children from schools.


Why we invested

Agritask’s platform is highly scalable, with the potential to reach millions of farmers across several climate vulnerable regions.

Agritask diversifies the GIF agriculture portfolio by partnering with large food and beverage companies, which is a different go to market strategy than GIF’s other agriculture innovations.

Agritask aligns with GIF’s investment focuses on climate action, protection and nature regeneration, and raising living standards of smallholder farmers.


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Innovating for Climate Resilience

GIF’s investment supports the growth of Agritask in sub Saharan Africa and Asia, some of the most climate vulnerable regions in the world. The Agritask platform combines sophisticated tech integrations to provide an advanced agronomic picture down to the plot level for food and beverage companies. By connecting these enterprises to growers and suppliers at the source of their value chain, Agritask bridges the gap to farmers who can benefit from better support and agronomic information. In addition, Agritask’s insurance platform unlocks the design of insurance products that can protect smallholder farmers upon the occurrence of extreme weather events, allowing them to undertake more productive activities through the uptake of new technology.