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Where Is My Transport — Impact Brief


WhereIsMyTransport is a mobility technology company that delivers data and technology solutions for sustainable urban mobility. WhereIsMyTransport digitalises network information from formal and informal public transport in low-and middle-income megacities, and has collected data on more than 1,000,000 km of routes from cities in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Southeast Europe and Latin America. By getting the right information to the right people at the right time, WhereIsMyTransport makes public transport more accessible, and better understood.

Use of GIF Funds

WhereIsMyTransport’s data collection efforts to expand the formal/informal transportation database, tech development (including for the core data collection platform, product development and testing), business development, and building out the impact team.


Digitise complete public transport network information, which will improve informal transport journey planning and enable local governments to improve efficient planning of mass transit systems; participate in the growth of the company as they expand to new markets and de-risk investment for others by providing patient capital.

  1. Increase adoption of WhereIsMyTransport solutions with cities in low-income countries with high informal transit ridership
  2. Enable access to data for the development of solutions that lower costs and commuting times for GIF target beneficiaries

Impact to Date

WhereIsMyTransport has digitalised over 1,000,000 kms of public transport network information from cities in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Southeast Europe and Latin America. Commissioned projects in Dhaka, Gauteng, Mexico City and Bangkok saw WhereIsMyTransport digitalise over 280,000kms of route data and deliver accurate and reliable mobility insights from their public transport networks. WhereIsMyTransport manages and maintains the data, updating it as networks change, and integrates it with consumer products and planning tools that support better public transport understanding for all.