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Rumu Sarkar

Posted 14th June 2022

Rumu is GIF’s General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer and oversees all legal, governance and human resources matters.

Leading the Legal and HR team, Rumu is responsible for running the investment process, including the roles and terms of reference for each investment committee and the facilitation of key decision points on investments. She also oversees GIF’s approach to risk management, including the implementation of the Risk Management Policy, and our relationship with our regulator the Charity Commission.

Rumu has over 20 years’ experience in cutting edge, innovative financing to create equity funds, negotiate project finance arrangements for capital infrastructure projects, and establish revolving credit funds in support of international development projects.

Rumu was formerly General Counsel of Millennium Partners, an international development consulting group, and of the 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Commission. She is a member of the Bars of New York, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Supreme Court, and holds a Masters of Law degree and a Ph.D. in Philosophy.