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News and blogsDoes “Sugar Daddies” replicate? The preliminary results are in for Botswana

Does “Sugar Daddies” replicate? The preliminary results are in for Botswana

29th January 2018
In early 2016 the Global Innovation Fund invested in Young 1ove and Evidence Action to support the testing of a creative peer education approach to empower girls in secondary school in Botswana to reduce their risks of HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancies. The Sugar Daddy intervention, which showed a clear effect on pregnancy in Kenya in 2005, had more mixed […]
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News and blogsBiometrics: Closing the Identification Gap

Biometrics: Closing the Identification Gap

24th October 2017
Biometrics: Closing the Identification Gap   According to World Bank data, as many as 1.1 billion people worldwide are unable to formally prove their identity. An increasingly popular way of overcoming this challenge is to analyse a person’s biometrics – in other words, measuring a person’s “identity based on a physiological or behavioural characteristic. It […]
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News and blogsThe Water Innovation Engine

The Water Innovation Engine

16th October 2017
Launching The Water Innovation Engine   In September 2017, the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, launched the Water Innovation Engine at a reception in New York’s Tenement Museum. The Engine brings together entrepreneurs, new ideas, and flexible financing to accelerate innovation in the water sector, and will find, test, and scale the most […]
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News and blogsCalling All Researchers!

Calling All Researchers!

12th July 2017
Evidence is at the heart of GIF’s staged approach to investment. We take well-informed risks in pursuit of high social benefits and, as we do so, we embed learning into each investment we make. Whether you are a researcher with an innovative but untested idea, you have already evaluated an innovation and found it to […]
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News and blogsWhere Is My Transport

Where Is My Transport

15th June 2017
Making transport more accessible, efficient, and safe for the those in the developing world   Poor mass transit disproportionally affects those living in the developing world, who either spend a greater portion of their income on motorised transport, or cannot afford to use it at all. GIF is proud to support WhereIsMyTransport, whose open data […]
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News and blogsIncreasing Social Impact through Remittances Labelling

Increasing Social Impact through Remittances Labelling

14th June 2017
Following promising results in an earlier impact evaluation, GIF is excited to announce the funding of Innovations for Poverty Action with a $1.7m grant to conduct randomised evaluations to test behaviour-based ‘labelling’ of financial products to increase the amount and impact of remittances sent by migrants to households in their home countries. Migrant remittances are […]
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