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Improving youth agency through mentorship and media: our partnership with Impact(Ed)

By Madeleine Eastwood, Head of Communications, and Kathi Hanifnia, Investment Associate (Grants)  |   Posted 7th April 2022

GIF is delighted to announce a $2 million grant to non-profit Impact(Ed) International. Together we seek to improve girls’ self-efficacy and educational aspirations via mentorship, community mobilisation, and Impact(Ed)’s award-winning animated life skills series.

My Better World follows six African teens as they navigate the complex challenges of school, family, and friendship. Episode themes include early marriage, female genital mutilation, and sexual harassment while addressing skills and attitudes such as communication, negotiation, and resilience.

The series is a unique tool included in Impact(Ed)’s life skills education and mentorship model, delivered to school children aged 10-15, which includes engagement of boys, parents and communities to enable an environment for girls to exercise agency and develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

Life skills are critical to helping girls navigate a world marked by gender inequality as they transition into adulthood and can result in improvements in education, health, and livelihoods. However, life skills education interventions are often not scalable or sustainable, and fail to address wider social norms.

Using GIF’s grant, Impact(Ed) hopes to build on a 15-year partnership with Kenya’s Ministry of Education to embed its life skills education and mentorship model in government policy implementation, with a view to ultimately reach millions of young people. The Kenyan government’s recently launched Mentorship Policy, which seeks to coordinate mentorship programmes across all early learning and basic education institutions in Kenya, as well as a new national, competency-based curriculum, provide opportunities for Impact(Ed)’s model to support government policy implementation. Through co-implementation with government, Impact(Ed) expects to deliver the model to a further estimated 55,000 students across 110 schools by 2024.

Impact(Ed) will systematically evaluate different components and delivery approaches to establish a standardised and well-documented innovation package that is high-impact, cost-effective, and feasible to deliver using government infrastructure and processes.

Impact(Ed)’s programmes have reached over 305,000 children across 514 schools so far in Kenya. An evaluation of its school-based clubs by Oxford Policy Management found positive impacts on girls’ educational aspirations, self-efficacy and life skills, and preliminary results from a World Bank study reveal community screenings of Impact(Ed) videos increased primary school attendance among girls by 51%.

Impact(Ed) Managing Director Tamela Noboa said:

“We are grateful for GIF’s vision and partnership. We believe this investment will have far reaching impact on Kenyan youth, and especially girls’ prospects in school, in work and in life.”

Impact(Ed) Country Director Salome Aloo said:

“We are also grateful for our long-standing partnership with the Kenya Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. Their vision and plan for a vibrant and successful generation of young people in Kenya is one we are proud to support.”

Deal Lead Kathi Hanifnia said:

“GIF is delighted to welcome Impact(Ed) into our portfolio of innovations – this partnership brings an opportunity for us to support and explore a public sector pathway to scale for a gender equality innovation in Africa, and generate learning on a more holistic approach to tackling gender norms that engages boys, parents and the wider community.”