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GIF’s Portfolio

Innovations in our portfolio are expected to benefit 135 million people by 2031, improving their standard of living by four percent on average.

The impact of GIF’s innovations:

  • Expected impact includes approximately 3,800 lives saved and 267,000 morbidity-related DALY's averted each year.
  • These estimates, which only consider 46 of 59 innovations we have done detailed impact analysis for, are subject to revisions as GIF expands project coverage and improves its risk assessment methodology.
  • Read more about GIF's approach to impact assessment.

Gif Investment

Our portfolio includes a range of instruments
and investment sizes

PILOT16 Innovations ($6.9m) TEST & TRANSITION37 Innovations ($61.5m) SCALE6 Innovations ($39.8m)
Grant38 Innovations ($64.7m) 12 21 5
RISK CAPITAL21 Innovations ($43.4m) 4 16 1
As of May 2022

Gif Geographies

GIF is diversified across a number of geographies

  • The primary countries of implementation are rather evenly distributed across Eastern Africa, Western Africa and Southern Asia
  • However, GIF also has a number of investments in Southeastern Asia

By number of deals

Eastern Africa16 Western Africa13 Southern Asia15 Southeastern Asia5 Other10

Investment Size

Eastern Africa$28.5m Western Africa$28m Southern Asia$29.6m Southeastern Asia$12.1m Other$10m
Other includes: Southern Africa, Middle East & Central Americaa

Gif Sectors

GIF is diversified across a variety of sectors

  • GIF has the highest number of its investments in Public Health, Nutrition & Water (18)
  • However, GIF has the largest amount of its money invested in Agriculture ($29.9m)

Number of Investments

Public Health, Nutrition & Water18 Social Protection9 Agriculture6 Energy4 Education6 Other16

Size of Investments (USD)

Public Health & Nutrition$19.4M Social Protection$20.9M Agriculture$29.9M Energy$4M Education$13.1M Other$20.8M
Other includes: Energy, Financial Services, Government Effectiveness, Transport

Gif institutions

GIF funds a range of institutions

  • 35 out of GIF’s 59 investments involve research partnerships
  • GIF currently has 26 for-profits investments and 33 investments in other types of organizations
For-profits44% Other56%