GIF’s Portfolio

GIF's innovations are expected to benefit 83m people annually by 2028, whilst generating an average impact equivalent to 6% of a person's income.

The impact of GIF’s innovations:

  • These estimates consider only 28 of 38 innovations for which we've done detailed impact analysis.
  • Expected impact includes about 4,100 lives saved and 29,000 morbidity-related DALY's averted each year.
  • These estimates are subject to revisions as GIF expands project coverage and improves its risk assessment methodology.
  • Read more about GIF’s approach to impact assessment.

GIF invests where the world’s poor live

Number of investments
  • 5+
  • 1-4
  • 0
  • 78% of the World’s Poor live in countries in which GIF is invested
  • India, the largest concentration of World’s Poor has 7 investments
  • Countries without GIF’s presence include Ethiopia, DRC, Egypt and Mexico.

Distribution of the 3.4 billion people living in poverty (Size of boxes is proportional to # of people under $5/day)


Gif Investment

Our portfolio includes a range of instruments
and investment sizes

PILOT12 Investments ($2.9m) TEST & TRANSITION23 innovations ($40.1m) SCALE3 innovations ($23.9m)
Grant23 innovations ($35.6m) 10 11 2
RISK CAPITAL14 innovations ($28.9m) 2 11 1
Blended1 innovation ($0.3m) 1
*Investment that is a top-up to another investment

Gif Geographies

GIF is diversified across a number of geographies

  • The primary region of implementation is South & Southeast Asia
  • However, GIF also has a number of investments in East & West Africa

By number of deals

South & Southeast Asia12 Western Africa10 Eastern Africa9 Other7

Investment Size

South & Southeast Asia$23.8m Western Africa$19.6m Eastern Africa$17.6m Other$5.9m
Other includes: Northern Africa, Southern Africa, East Asia & Central America

Gif Sectors

GIF is diversified across a variety of sectors

  • GIF has the highest number of its investments in public health & nutrition (10)
  • However, GIF has the largest amount of its money invested in agriculture ($25.7m)

Number of Investments

Public Health & Nutrition10 Social Protection6 Agriculture5 Energy4 Education3 Other4

Size of Investments (USD)

Public health & Nutrition$7.5M Social Protection$7.5M Agriculture$25.7M Energy$3.4M Education$16.7M Other$5.4M

Gif institutions

GIF funds a range of institutions

  • 18 out of GIF’s 38 investments involve research partnerships
  • GIF currently has an equal distribution of investments between for-profits and other types of organizations (19 each)
For-profits50% Other50%