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Follow-on funding to boost mClinica

Posted 19th September 2019

mClinica has received a $1 million boost from the Global Innovation Fund, paving the way for the mobile solutions company to grow its increasing pharmacy footprint across South East Asia.

The digital health company has been developing mobile technologies that connect pharmacies, empower pharmacy professionals, and improve health outcomes in Asia. In 2017 GIF was excited to invest $2 million in mClinica to expand throughout South East Asia, including entering new markets beyond Indonesia and the Philippines.

Pharmacies are often the first point of access to modern medical advice and treatment for many people in low and middle-income countries. Despite their critical role, pharmacies are often neglected by public health and development communities. mClinica’s trio of pharmacy tech platforms – SwipeRx, SnapRx, and Connect – work to bridge this gap and improve health outcomes for patients across South East Asia, especially among rural and low-income populations. The Company’s combined technologies represent a digital network of over 140,000 pharmacists and 40,000 pharmacies.

In a market saturated with independent pharmacies, reaching pharmacies and tracking data on patients and medicines is challenging. mClinica’s platforms can help ensure policy and spending decisions by healthcare sectors are guided in the right direction with health data that has never been available before.

The latest investment round will enable mClinica to deepen its services through SwipeRx. SwipeRx is the largest social network of pharmacies and pharmacy professionals in South East Asia, with more than 140,000 pharmacy professionals using the platform as a one-stop shop for their daily practice. Users benefit from an array of features, including a news feed with industry updates from leading public health institutions; forums; continuing professional education modules and drug information directories. SwipeRx has grown rapidly since its launch in 2018, with 1 in 2 of the pharmacists in the Philippines signing on to the platform, 1 in 3 in Indonesia, and 1 in 3 in Vietnam.

CEO Farouk Meralli said: “mClinica is in an exciting phase of growth. Our growth would not be possible however without investors such as GIF. This latest injection of capital enables mClinica to pursue even bigger opportunities to deepen impact in existing markets, and we look forward to contributing even more towards public health outcomes.”

mClinica is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, including the Data Driven Apps Award of the World Government Summit, USAID-FHI360 Data for Resilience Award, Pierre Fabre Foundation Prize for eHealth Innovation, and Hack Osaka. Founder Farouk Meralli became the youngest-ever recipient of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Public Health Innovator Award.