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EM3 — Impact Brief


EM3 offers farmers on-time, on-demand and professional mechanisation services at transparent prices. EM3’s end-to-end service platform across the growing chain increases reliable access to a wide variety of farm services. This reduces the cost of mechanization for smallholder farmers, ultimately leading to increased farming productivity and yields.

Use of GIF Funds

GIF led an equity investment of $7.4million (as part of $8.6million Series B equity round alongside Series A investor, Aspada Investment Company).The funds were used to spur EM3’s growth including expanding staff, technology development and strategic purchases of farming equipment, and help EM3 further scale rapidly into inputs delivery, procurement and crop management advice in the future.GIF provided an additional $1.4m follow-on investment to spur development of a tractor-led Local Business Unit model.


Help company reach profitability by increasing number of active users and farmer retention rate, test viability of the variable cost model, and analysis of benefits.

Impact to Date

To date, EM3 has provided mechanization services to over 200,000 acres of land and 24,000 farmers within the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (UP). EM3 farmers benefit from improved availability and reliability of mechanization services at transparent prices, reliable access to a wider variety of farm services, and reduced cost of mechanization, ultimately leading to increased farming productivity.

EM3 has also created over300 Farm equipment centres (also known as Custom Hiring Centres -CHCs) in Rajasthan, providing monitoring and auditing functions on behalf of the CHCs to report to the government. EM3 also provides high-end implements to the CHCs and offers other support to improve the quality of services the CHC provide their farmers.