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BlogResponding locally to a global crisis

Responding locally to a global crisis

17th April 2020
With the world entering an economic downturn of unprecedented magnitude, high on our agenda is protecting our partner organisations and the social value they have created. The organisations and innovators in the GIF portfolio were on track to positively impact the lives of 89 million people by 2030 before this crisis. We must work to […]
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BlogGoing Beyond Capital

Going Beyond Capital

22nd September 2020
Bridging innovations from pilot to scale requires more than just the patient, fit-for-purpose capital GIF provides. Effective organisations must develop internal processes and systems, increasing operational efficiency as they prepare for scaling and ramp up growth. Similarly, building the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties is crucial, as the effect of covid-19 has most recently […]
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BlogFranchising the model of scaling social innovations

Franchising the model of scaling social innovations

17th September 2020
One of the biggest challenges faced in international development is scaling successful or impactful development innovations. While scaling innovations through governments is always a challenge, it has been equally daunting to scale through non-government and market-based approaches. There are numerous examples of such innovations which have remained stuck on the scaling pathway. A promising scaling […]
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BlogA Year of Progress:  GIF’s 2019 Impact Report Published

A Year of Progress: GIF’s 2019 Impact Report Published

26th May 2020
GIF’s flexible model is designed to support innovation for both immediate development challenges and longer term social change, and this flexibility has allowed us to pivot to address the realities of the pandemic. Another important part of the model is accountability and learning, and now that we are five years into our journey to support […]
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BlogInvesting in Behaviour Change to Fight COVID19

Investing in Behaviour Change to Fight COVID19

21st May 2020
In response to the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, GIF’s pipeline now reflects innovations from organizations both within our existing investment portfolio and other organizations whose evidence-backed innovations fit our investment criteria. One example of an existing partner GIF has already announced is mClinica. Another example of a COVID19 focused intervention with an existing […]
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BlogHow GIF is responding to coronavirus

How GIF is responding to coronavirus

24th March 2020
The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, is an unprecedented event and an increasing priority not only for the public, but for the workplace also. Employers are being asked to do all they can to slow the spread of the virus and protect employees, while maintaining business continuity. As GIF confronts the […]
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