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A Note from the Board

Posted 3rd August 2015

As the Board of the Global Innovation Fund welcomes Alix onboard as the Fund’s CEO, we would also like to take this opportunity to emphasize our gratitude to Jeffrey Brown, who has done a superlative job running and growing the Fund as interim CEO since its launch in 2014.

Jeff played a critical role designing the Fund, refining its value proposition, and bringing the leadership of the five founding partners together to support this organization. His talent and strategic direction were crucial as we opened the Fund for business, reviewed over 2,200 proposals, approved our first investments, began our first disbursements, and recruited the Fund’s first staff. You can see more details on the team’s accomplishments here Jeff’s blog post.

Jeff and the Fund’s team have built an extremely robust foundation for the Fund’s future.  The Global Innovation Fund would not be where it is without Jeff’s energy, counsel and guidance. The Board is appreciative of his contributions and leadership.  We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.



Michael Anderson

Stefan Dercon

Esther Duflo

Sal Giambanco

Michael Kremer

Russ Siegelman