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This is the GIF Team. See here for more information about job openings and to apply to work at GIF.

Alix Zwane is a social entrepreneur and public health expert. She joins the team from Evidence Action where she served as Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors.... [More]
Amélie Baudot is GIF's General Counsel and oversees legal matters across its operations and grant and risk capital portfolio.... [More]
Caitlin House joins GIF as the Operations Coordinator for Investments after spending 18 months with the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.... [More]
Isabella Horrocks has a mix of experience in social enterprise and development policy consulting. She co-founded a social enterprise in the agribusiness sector in Kenya that aimed to bring innovation ... [More]
Jocelyn Cheng has a decade of experience in private sector investing and social enterprise. She was part of the infrastructure investing team at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board... [More]
Katie Carrasco has 3 years professional experience in Learning & Development and HR from CMG, part of IPG – the world’s leading marketing and communications company... [More]
Ken Chomitz
Ken Chomitz comes to GIF after a distinguished career in research and evaluation at the World Bank. An innovator in applied economics, he has published pioneering work in the economics of climate chan... [More]
Michael Eddy
Michael is the Vice President of Analytics at GIF, bringing a passion for innovative finance and the use of data and evidence for better decision-making. ... [More]
Natalia Gavrilita has extensive government and development consulting experience. Most recently, she was State Secretary at the Moldovan Ministry of Education... [More]
Nicki has over a decade of experience across the private, public and social enterprise sectors and joins GIF as Portfolio Director. ... [More]
Nishant Lalwani has more than a decade of experience in private sector development and social enterprise. ... [More]
Rakesh Apte is an Investment Director at GIF, with a decade of experience in private sector finance and impact investing. ... [More]
Raymond Guthrie
As a Senior Partner on the Investment Team, Raymond manages a team of Investment Directors and Associates and develops and structures both risk capital investments and grants to support innovative org... [More]
Simeon Bridgewater is an Investment Associate at GIF. ... [More]
Tat-Seng Chiam is a Director at GIF, with experience in impact investing, strategy consulting and investment banking. ... [More]
Theodora Frisk joins GIF as a Bilateral Associate Expert seconded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). ... [More]